Let me introduce you to Pikachos chiringuito, a refreshing oasis where you can taste our traditional food and enjoy our colourful sunsets.

Here you will find the perfect place to try our cocktails in a modern and close environment. The chiringuito has just been fully refurbished to offer the comfort you deserve without losing a bit of it’s original flavor and personality. Open all day until midnight, it’s the best place to satisfy your appetite and relax afterwards in a familiar and summery place.

We also have a candy kiosk for the children so they don’t miss any of the best things of the summer, that is: the sand, the sea and the ice cream

Your Beach

The chiringuito is located in Santa Maria del Mar’s Beach, which welcomes hundreds of tourists and locals who love the unique atmosphere of it. Come to feast after a swim and a sunbath, all while having your feet in the sand of our most popular beach.


Santa Maria del Mar


What are you hungry for?

Here at Pikachos seafood is the big star. Come and have a taste of our selection of tapas and appetizers, enjoy the wide range of dishes prepared with the best of our sea, mountains and fields or get some white wine and shellfish while we cook a paella for you.

National Adward

Our chiringuito has been distinguished with the Radio Turismo prize. Ask our staff abut this distinction to enjoy the cooking that earned the award.

If you fancy something new ask for advice to our staff, and do not worry for the details, we have a list of present allergens and a hint of which dishes are suitable for vegetarians and celiacs

Premio plato de oro